What is Holistic Counseling?

A Different Form of Therapy


What is Holistic Counseling? It's a way of addressing all life's challenges that considers the whole person in the context of their environment. It doesn't assume pathology, diagnose or label; it stresses the importance of relationships - with self, others and the world at large. It draws from a wide range of counseling disciplines according to a client's needs and it teaches and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own life choices. The results are increased well-being, happiness and a new-found sense of freedom. 

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People are usually strong and resilient. However, when our basic needs aren’t being met we can develop systemic stress which leads to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual difficulties. This can be the result of sudden traumatic events, or it can occur slowly over time.

Counseling offers an opportunity to reassess and re-balance; to challenge and change unhelpful, long held beliefs. Most of us think that we are at the mercy of random events, or other people’s actions. Realizing that we all have the option – and the ability – to alter the way we think, act and feel at any given time can make all the difference between feeling like a victim or being in control of your destiny.

No form of counseling will alter the basic circumstances of life, or remove all obstacles and difficulties. Looking for safe, compassionate and non-judgmental support when you need it isn't weakness; it's a positive decision to pursue change. Our lives are defined by the choices we make. By choosing to see and do things differently you pave the way for healing and new possibilities.

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Counseling of any kind is an investment in your ongoing general health and happiness. It's a way to address your mental and emotional state in the same way you see a doctor regarding your physical well-being. Counseling doesn't have to be intimidating, unaffordable, or long-term. This type of psychotherapy is client-centered and collaborative, in the belief that everyone has the ability to access their own healing process. 

The office is cozy and welcoming and sessions are 60 minutes long. Flexible access alternatives are available for clients, including home visits, Skype sessions, text support and Cafe Counseling, which allows for meeting in a more relaxed and public forum. Because the relationship between care provider and client is the most important aspect of the therapeutic process, one free initial consultation in person or by phone is offered so you can see if it's something that's right for you.

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Susan A. (Sam) McGregor MA, CAGS, CTRTC

The Mill at Lafayette #207, 650 Ten Rod Road (Rte.102), North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852

+1 401.741.5187


Daily office hours; evening, early morning and Saturday appointments available. 

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